50% off at Cigna

48 second read

On today’s episode we are going to talk about premium discounts.

I talk with clients all the time about what they need and what they want in their health plan.

This particular conversation might be interesting to you because it illustrates what many employers think… but doesn’t get at the heart of the problem.

During our convo, I asked this what he really wanted from his health plan – if he could have anything.

Without any hesitation he said – My Cigna plan at 50% of the cost.

I had to kind of raise my eyebrow at that 🤥

Would that really solve your problem?

If 50% of your workforce earns less than $40,000 annually, will a $3,000 deductible plan still be ok?  Will a $30 or $50 or $100  – or better yet copay + deductible pharmacy plan really be ok?

I suspect not. No need to settle, we’ll explain how to get what you really want today.

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