Do You Have the Will to Prepare to Win?

About two months ago, we negotiated a fairly large technology purchase for our office – laptops, monitors, docks, the whole nine-yards….

You would have thought we were conducting a military operation with the planning that went into this project.

  • • Apple or Microsoft?
  • • Who needed more storage, cache, or did we all need the same?
  • • Did we need additional monitors for our offices once we were allowed back in?
  • • And, really, how long were we going to be at home???

We went round and round on this until we agreed on that perfect sweet spot of budget, needs and nice to haves.

I imagine you work through this process in most areas of your business?

Let’s apply that to your healthcare spend for a second….

  • • Have your business circumstances changed? Did your run rate just accelerate?
  • • Do you need to hang on to your cash for as long as possible?
  • • How about your team? Do they need to hang on to as much of their pay check as possible?
  • • Are they putting off care because of the cost?

Think about that for a second and then prepare to conquer this huge line item and get it under control.

Watch for how to prepare

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