Life and Death Decisions in the Board Room

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Yes, you make them.

Healthcare isn’t just about the budget. It is about the people who use it and how they can – or cannot – access care.

My most successful clients always tell me this:

“Look, we are not wild about what we spend on healthcare, but we’ll spend it…. If it could be useful to our employees and meet some of our other goals at the same time.”

They know something is wrong, but they don’t know how to fix it and are not getting answers that make sense to them.

Because of this, most Executives only engage in the health care discussion when it comes to budget.

It is a mistake…

… that our industry taught you

… and I want to un-teach you!

Your health insurance plan has both life and death and budgetary consequences.

As a business leader, that first set of consequences are your domain – risk mitigation and avoidance; avoidance of legal liability.

Deal with the first set of consequences and the second set (budget) will take care of itself.

Those decisions – risk management decisions – are your most important responsibilities as an officer of your organization.

Here is how not changing how you purchase health care for your organization can impact you:

– Member received chemo incompatible with his body chemistry – and died because his physician never checked even those he was advised to do so.

– Member did not seek treatment for repeated headaches… and had high blood pressure so high during a routine biometric check that he was rushed to the ER via ambulance… consequence was a $40,000 bill.

– Member left surgery with a collapsed abdominal wall after an unnecessary hysterectomy. Complications impacted the plan for over two years with several hundred thousand dollars in claims and the patient has not recovered fully.

So let me ask again:

Do you make life and death decisions in the boardroom?

Yes, you do.

I am going to challenge you to make a different set of decisions; to change how you purchase, manage and utilize health care.

I am going to challenge you.

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