Never Insure Anything

Never insure anything you can afford to replace is good insurance advice… yet we do exactly the opposite with our healthcare budget.
This might be a brand new take on health care payment strategies in a way that will bring you faster, better results.
See the thing is, when most people when they talk about health care strategies, they don’t go into nearly enough detail -they only talk about payment transfer, not about risk transfer. They barely scratch the surface and then guess what? No results, or none that work for you anyway.
From a finance perspective, if you find a way to eliminate the unexpected cost, make it predictable and repeatable, you don’t have to insure it… it can just be treated as a fixed cost –with the same parameters you apply to every other fixed cost you have.
I’ve wrapped it up into a bite size video to give you all the details.
Want your hands on the Never Insure Anything?
  • • How to NOT insure things that you can afford to pay for so you can control your healthcare budget long term
  • • How to design your plan to accommodate this strategy so that you can literally offer benefits with zero out of pocket costs to employees
  • • How your employees benefit from this strategy; how you can make sure that high quality care is delivered, in a personalized setting and at a very reasonable cost

Go here to get all the nuggets == > https://youtu.be/HP73e6Cc8lk

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